Because our parent nonprofit Second Chance Net Inc is in the business of transitioning working prison inmates into working parolees, we’re aware of the obstacles faced by parolees new to the outside. Dropped off at a bus stop with a small collection of social support programs covering only basic needs, this can be a prescription for failure, an invitation to returning to crime and contributing to an unacceptable nationwide recidivism rate of over 50%.

We do recognize the charities and governmental agencies providing stop-gap assistance such as food and shelter to parolees, but we’re interested in the next level, the ability of a parolee to become an employed, contributing member of their community. For this, they will need a secure apartment, car, computer, and such as we on the outside own and take for granted. They’ll need a release fund tailored to this need — a mintrust.

A mintrust is administered by a trustee, in cooperation with a Parole Officer when one is available, such that only allowable expenses are covered. Allowable is defined as contributing directly to rejoining society as a successful, contributing member.

We realize that such a minitrust is applicable to the homeless, those suffering from mental disease, and many others unable to take care of their finances. We will make room for them as our resources permit.